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Phillip Rivers- Right, Wrong or just plain stupid

Posted on: January 25, 2008 5:46 pm

Last sunday Phillip Rivers played in the AFC championship game against the Patriots. However, the previous week against the Colts Rivers got knocked out of the game with what then looked like a minor knee injury. But when Rivers didn't return to the game and back up QB Billy Volek was left to take the Chargers to the Championship game, you could tell something was up. It later emergered that Rivers had torn his ACL in his knee during the game, An injury which in itself could be career ending(but unlikely). But instead, the monday after the game, Rivers had arthoscopic surgery on his knee and had his ACL removed. So this guy played against the New England Patriots, arguably the best football team in history, without the ligament that helps provide stability to the knee! Rivers stats for the game were; 19/37, 211yds, 0 TD's, 2 INTs. So for mediocore numbers, a mediocore performance in a mediocore game, Rivers put his football career on the line. Would it have been better to let a 100% Volek start the game, instead of risking your franchise QB??? Also now Rivers faces a 6 month recovery period as he will have to either have some of the hamstring tendon, or the third patella tendon to replace his ACL. All of this for a playoff game in which the Chargers lost, without scoring a TD.


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